“If I share with you a platform that could potentially lower your monthly bills, will you be interested? “

Naturally, my instincts kicked in and my first thought was: “Is this a scam?”

But no, this is a legitimate company founded in the United States of America. BillWise is an online savings platform intent to help you find ways to save both time and money when paying yours bills by bringing “everything into one intuitive interface”, thereby saving you hours every month.

According to their press release, this platform will generate “smart recommendations for each user based on their usage habits, thus allowing them to save hundreds of dollars on utilities and other payments each and every month!”

These are the major vendors that have signed on with this platform: Starhub, SingTel, M1, Citygas, Singapore Power and My Republic.

Bill Wise page


So I tested out the platform to see the kind of savings I will have. The steps are relatively easy to follow.
Step 1: To get started, Login to the vendor your choice.

Eg. SP My Utilities Portal – you can  choose to login with your official Singapore Power account,

Step 2: Submit your bills below by taking a photo of your latest Singapore Power bill and Upload. The platform will analyze them and recommend ways to save you money.
Step 3: A list of recommended platforms that saves you money.



I find this initiative intriguing, (hey! any platform that saves me money is a platform I am interested in). I like the idea that the platform will find ways for you to save money. It is nifty to see all the discounts on one platform and I can choose the best mode of payment that will yield the highest savings for me. Unfortunately, at the time of this publication, the platform does not yet allow for any payment of bills.

I also like the tips and recommendations on ways to cut down the cost of your electricity bill for example. But I think there might be some room for improvement here. I find the purported savings to be a little misleading as we cannot use ALL the mode of payments at once. Hence, the savings amount ($165) as seen in the photo above is inaccurate.

Still, I think this is a novel idea with potential. It is similar to Shopback which gives you coupons, discount codes and even cash back when you shop at Taobao.com, Groupon, Zalora, Redmart, Lazada, Asos, Expedia.com.sg and Ebay.

Shop Back Savings

To whet your appetite, the platform is offering the following promotion.

As a special pre-launch promotion, Billwise is offering a 10$ rebate to all users for each additional user they refer to the platform, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars if you refer enough people, while saving all of your friends money in the process!

With the economy on a downturn, every penny counts. This might just be the savings you need…

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