When I think of afternoon tea, I think of sipping tea, small cakes and scones and catching up with good friends. This age-old English tradition from the days when we were occupied by the Britons have been kept and updated so afternoon teas are common occurrences among Singaporeans these days.

With a busy lifestyle, afternoon tea is a luxury for us. So we are grateful to O’Coffee Club for their invitation and hosting us at their Paragon outlet. Located on the third level of the mall, we were shown to booth seats outside the cafe that gave us a lovely view of the entire mall.

Browsing through the menu, we had a hard time deciding what to order. Everything looked sooo good! We wanted the Afternoon Tea Set for two ($24.90), but we were also lusting after the three-tiered Waffle Stacker ($19.90) and Eggs Benedict ($10.90) from O’Coffee Club’s all day breakfast menu. In the end, we decided to get all three, accompanied by gourmet coffee for hubby and me.

O'Coffee Club

Afternoon Tea Set

The Afternoon Tea Set has something for everyone. It was served in a three tier tray set and consists of the following:

  • BLT Sandwich
  • Smoked Salmon Sandwich
  • Egg-mayo tarts
  • Tuna tarts
  • Carrot Cake
  • Chocolate Eclairs
  • Raisin scones with Orange Mascarpone cheese
  • Assorted macarons
  • Two cups of gourmet coffee or tea

Everything came in pairs so there is a lot to go around. My son aimed for the chocolate eclairs and tuna tarts while my daughter immediately “choped” the macarons. Hubby and I devoured the BLT and Smoked Salmon sandwiches respectively as civilly as we could. They were really AWESOME!!!

A picture says a thousand words. This expression on my son’s face says it all…

O'Coffee Club

Tip: The raisin scones is best eaten while it is warm, spread with either luscious butter or the Orange Mascarpone cheese. I will recommend the latter!! Mama Mia!! *Smacking sound*

O'Coffee Club

O’Coffee Club’s All Day Breakfast

O’Coffee Club’s all-day breakfast promises hearty portions at affordable prices starting from $5.90. Some of their favourites include appetising and hearty picks such as the 3-Egg Omelette, Eggs & Toast with Butter & Jam, Croissant and Single Waffle and fluffy French Toast ($7.90). If you have a big appetite, go for the protein-packed Full Breakfast ($10.90) which offers a sizeable helping and comprises a choice of either fried or scrambled eggs, accompanied by grilled chicken sausages, crisp Mangalica bacon, sautéed mushrooms and char-grilled tomato and toast.

Absolute must-orders —The Waffle Stacker ($19.90)! It arrived to oohs and ahhhs (check out the gleeful expression my daughter’s face before she digs in to the waffles in a photo later in the post). Lavish portions of scrambled eggs and Mangalica bacon stuffed between the three layers of crispy giant waffles is a decadent delight that we can eat anytime of the day!

O'Coffee Club

And if this kind of debauchery is not enough, drizzle if you are lady like or if you are more like my daughter with a sweet tooth, drown your waffles in O’Coffee Club’s sinfully good coffee maple syrup (left in picture). I highly recommend it! They also serve Gula Melaka (palm sugar) cream (right on picture) or regular maple syrup with the waffles.

O'Coffee Club

Another MUST-ORDER is the perennial breakfast staple – the Eggs Benedict ($10.90) which features two perfectly poached eggs atop a choice of either smoked salmon, ham or Mangalica bacon on ciabatta. A creamy hollandaise sauce with a sprinkling of dill is drizzled on the eggs to complete the dish.

O'Coffee Club

My hubby is a big fan of Gordon Ramsay so of course, we have to do the eggs benedict test, ala Ramsay style. Hubby says that if the egg yolk oozes out as you cut into the egg benedict, it is done well.

Verdict: Perfect Eggs Benedict!!

O'Coffee Club

Coffee Is Served

O’Coffee Club has served a premium coffee experience since 1991 by presenting its loyal patrons a list of nine bean varieties sourced from some of the best coffee-growing countries in the world, including Indonesia, Kenya and Jamaica.

“To ensure the consistency in taste profiles of beans served at all its outlets, O’Coffee Club has been working with the same local specialty roaster for the past twenty years. Through this close relationship and careful curation, the customer is assured of the highest grades of seasonal beans from farm to cup and the ultimate freshness and consistency of our brews,” says O’Coffee Club’s in-house barista Kevin Tran.

O’Coffee Club’s beans selection currently includes 100% Genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain ($14.90), Aged Sumatra Mandheling ($7.90), Kenyan AA ($6.90), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ($6.90) and O’Coffee Club Classic ($5.90), and the latest premium edition Esmeralda Panama Geisha ($14.90). Besides gourmet coffees, O’Coffee Club also carries its own in-house bottled Ice Cold Brew ($5.90) and an extremely adorable Frozen Espresso Latte ($6.40) which comes in the form of a polar bear or penguin-shaped espresso ice cube topped with warm milk – a great option for coffee lovers on a scorching hot day.

You can choose to enjoy these coffee beans through three different methods – Drip Brew, Syphon Brew and French Press. Below, I am having  Esmeralda Panama Geisha ($14.90) in a Syphon Brew. It was light and aromatic.

O'Coffee Club

O'Coffee Club

Hubby likes his coffee strong and black. He chose the 100% Genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain ($14.90) in French Press, which he shares is “full-bodied and has a pleasant after taste”.

O'Coffee Club

We had such a fantastic time at O’Coffee Club. You know you have found a winning place when your tweens ask for a return trip.

O'Coffee Club

Thank you O’Coffee Club again for having us. It was a really relaxing afternoon.
O'Coffee Club

Giveaway Promotion — Afternoon Tea Set for two ($24.90)

We are so excited to share this giveaway with THREE (3) winners. Each family will win TWO afternoon tea sets for a family of four worth $49.80 (per winner).

The contest period is from 3 to 10 July 2016

OCC - Afternoon Tea (serves 2 persons) ($24.90)

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  3. Share and tag the blog post on their Facebook Wall with the Caption “Win O’Coffee Club’s Afternoon Tea set” (Tag at least one friend).

Winners may enjoy their Afternoon tea set at any of the following outlets:

  • Changi Airport Terminal 3
  • Funan DigitaLife Mall
  • Marina Square
  • Paragon
  • Raffles City
  • The Seletar Mall
  • Wheelock Place (K2)
  • Wisma Atria

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