Being independent and resilient are two essential life-skills most parents aim to pass on to their children.

Well, I’m starting my kids on that path by teaching them the most basic life-skill – feeding themselves.

You may laugh, but with our kids growing up in a culture of having maids or helpers doing their bidding – from fetching them glasses of water, tying their shoelaces, carrying their school bags, showering them etc., (I have even seen nine or ten year old kids being fed by their helpers!), sometimes the simplest task may be too onerous for them.

Even when some well-meaning moms instruct these maids or helpers not to do everything  (and by everything, we mean the basic skills mentioned earlier) for the kids, these instructions are thrown out the window when the mothers are not around. Simply because it is easier for these helpers to finish the task themselves than getting the kids to do it. (Also because some helpers care so much about their charges that they cannot NOT help them.)

So on a Sunday morning, we asked our kiddos what they want for breakfast – sandwiches and scramble eggs, and told them they had to make it themselves (with our guidance, of course).

Nothing empowers a child more than the ability to be self-sufficient.

Children Cooking

A simple Ham and Cheese Sandwich is easy enough to make – just spread some mayonnaise or butter on the bread (toasted or not) and slap on a slice of ham and cheese.

Independence and Resilience

Enjoying the sandwich he made by himself.

Children Cooking

Beating the eggs and adding some milk…

Children Cooking

Pouring the eggs into the heated pan and teaching her to stir the eggs around. NOTE: a little help should be given and supervision is required, especially around the stove.

Children Cooking

Watching Daddy put the finish touches to the scrambled eggs.

And voila! A simple and nutritious breakfast or snack they can make themselves.

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