I’ve had Hong Kong on my mind all week. Since my taste of the authentic dim sum at Tin Ho Wan (添好運), I’ve been craving for some bona fide Hong Kong fare.

So when Victoria Li, owner of the Old Hong Kong Restaurant Group, invited me to their Old Hong Kong Taste restaurant at myVillage to sample their new menus, I gleefully thank the Universe!

Old Hong Kong Restaurant Group

Fresh Seafood Set and authentic Hong Kong-style Steamboat were the menu for the day. I’m in Food Heaven!

We spent a delightful afternoon nibbling on fresh prawns, sipping aromatic Cantonese soup, biting into succulent scallops and diving into the most appetizing crab glazed with mashed salted egg yolk!

While our mouths were kept busy, Victoria, always the affable host,  regaled us with tales of old Hong Kong tradition and cuisine.

Authentic Old Hong Kong Taste in Singapore

Poached Live Prawns

Old Hong Kong Taste Restaurant Singapore

Winter Melon Soup with Diced Seafood

The Neighbourhood Seafood Feast (for 4 persons) is available at $138++ (Mon – Fri), $168++ (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday). Here’s what’s on the menu:

  1. Poached Live Prawns
  2. Winter Melon Soup with Diced Seafood
  3. Steamed Soon Hock Fish with Supreme Light Soya Sauce
  4. Steamed Fresh Scallops with Minced Garlic and Glass Noodles
  5. Fried Crab with Mashed Salted Egg Yolk
  6. Poached Vegetables with Handmade Squid Paste
  7. Claypot Rice with Diced Chicken, Waxed Sausage and Salted Fish
  8. Chilled Mango Puree with Sago and Ice Cream

Customer satisfaction is paramount in all Old Hong Kong restaurants. Not only is the meal deliberately planned so that it is healthy, nutritious and balanced, the chefs at Old Hong Kong Taste will cook the dishes the way YOU prefer. For example, you can have your prawns steamed with Chinese wine instead of poached.  Or if you are not a big fan of salted egg, you can have the crabs fried with chilli instead.

And if you like the overcooked rice at the bottom of the claypot, the staff at Old Hong Taste will be happy to pack up the rice and serve you the crunchy, tasty “bottom” rice.  You are the BOSS.

Old Hong Kong Taste Singapore

Steamed Soon Hock Fish with Supreme Light Soya Sauce

Old Hong Kong Taste Singapore

Steamed Fresh Scallops with Minced Garlic and Glass Noodles

Old Hong Kong Taste Singapore

Fried Crab with Mashed Salted Egg Yolk

Hong Kong-style Steamboat

According to Victoria, what is unique about Hong Kong style steamboat is the soup base – the stock is enriched with nutritious shark’s bone, chicken, pork loin, soup bones, and boiled with papaya, carrots, red dates and sweet corn to achieve a natural sweetness. The bones are specially picked for its collagen properties; so the soup is not only packed with flavour, it is beneficial to your health and beauty.

“Other restaurants won’t use these bones as it is very expensive,” says Victoria, “but we want to give our customers the best.”

Generally, when consuming Chinese soup, one has to observe the Yin and Yang factors.  Again in signature Old Hong Kong hospitality, the chefs (imported from Hong Kong) have thoughtfully concocted the soup so that it is fit to be consumed daily and in all seasons. “It’s very good for kids; helps them grow,” chirps Victoria referring to the collagen in the soup.

To complement the soup base, an assortment of mushrooms, vegetables, fresh minced squid with chopped parsley, fresh minced Garuopa belly and fresh handmade prawn paste are served with the steamboat.

Old Hong Kong Taste Singapore

Leave a bit more room towards the end of the meal for the Steamboat ‘finale’. The service staff will remove remaining ingredients from the pot, then add in rice, charsiew (bbq pork), egg, parsley and spring onion, then allowed to stew for about 2 -3 minutes in the leftover broth.  The effect? A gastronomic experience!

At S$118++ (for 4 persons), its a steamboat delight that is worth every penny!

Old Hong Kong Taste is located on the second level of myVillage (1 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Gardens). Call 6834 3013 for reservations.

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored event.

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