So this is me hopping onto the blog train hosted by Singapore Parent Bloggers to share about my life as a blogging mom. Thank you Winnie from Toddly Mummy for the introduction.

Having read 25 other mom/dad bloggers write about their weeks, I wonder what I can write to make this more interesting for you. Peeling back the curtain to my schedule, I can share that some weeks are more exciting than others.

Some days are filled with moments when I feel like a celebrity or socialite with a full schedule of media invitations to openings, reviews and media conferences. Sometimes at these events, I do meet actual celebrities or politicians like Senior Minister of State, Mrs Josephine Teo.


Other times, I feel like a sorority member hanging out with familiar friends when I meet fellow mom/ dad bloggers. Can you spot any familiar faces?

Bloggers Social

As “glamourous” as it all sounds, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make it all come together — from conceptualizing the angle of the story and photography to agonizing over the tone and layout of the post. These are the moments often NOT shown on social media. After all that “socializing”, it is just me behind a screen writing and editing to publish the posts. Not too glamorous eh?

Work behind computer

Blogging, Training, Mothering

That about sums up my week, in no particular order.  I spend a third of my time on these three different areas. My work as a blogger and trainer means that my assignments varies.

Sometimes my training takes me into a corporate setting. Here is one training I conducted recently on business writing for Executive PAs and Administrative professionals. Other times, my training takes me into the local schools where I train students in leadership and values development.

Training 2

Another area of my training include giving talks on my favourite subject — parenting. Mostly, these workshops are held for parents in schools, during corporate lunches or in a more relaxed setting like the spa in an upcoming talk I have in May (see below). Do register and come support me if you have time. There is a free makeover session and a lovely goodie bag in store when you attend.


A large part of my week is relatively constant. This is what I call my Mummy Duties. In one day, I have three regular routines:

  1. the Morning routine
  2. the Afternoon routine
  3. the Bedtime routine

My morning routine includes getting the kids up and ready for school and making sure they have a healthy breakfast before they leave home. Most days I sent them off with a hug and “I love you. Have a great day in school.” Occasionally, they require a reminder (to hand in their work or school forms for excursions), a pep talk or encouragement.

In the afternoons, I am at their service as chauffeur, tutor or coach. I pick up my girl from school and send my kids to their various tuitions or enrichment classes. I also supervise and help them with their studies when they need it as we adopt a blend of having tuition and employing self-learner applications.

Girl Studying 2

My kids and I take a break from each other in the evenings. They go off to play before dinnertime while I enjoy some downtime of my own or catch up with residual work. We come together again at bedtime to converse about school, pressures, work ethics etc. I believe that kids below 12 years old are most susceptible to parental guidance. Hence, this is my window of opportunity to plant my values, give my two-cents worth or practice my coaching skills to listen and ask my kids questions.

I should also mention here that it is not all work and no fun during my week. The best part about being a parent blogger is that you get to kill two birds with one stone – work and play at the same time. We have picnics, visit museums, attended plays and participated in races. Every week is different.

So, this is a quick review of my week. I hope you enjoyed it. This post is part of the A Blogging Mum Or Dad Blog Train hosted by Singapore Parent Bloggers. To read more about these bloggers, click on the icon below.


Next up is Pooja from Mums&babies – a mum who loves to capture every beautiful moment spent with her kids, Aayan & Kaira. See how she cherish her moments with her kids and create lasting memories for years to come!

Pooja Kawatra

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