Hey! Thanks for stopping over at my blog today! Today is my turn to share how I spend my “Me-Time” as part of the blog Train hosted by Danessa of PrayerfullMum.

Mummy's Me-Time

Me-Times are precious pockets of moments for busy moms like me! They allow me to relax, recharge, rejuvenate, renew and sometimes reboot.

When do these Me-Times happen?

I do not have a dedicated Me-Time day. It happens as and when I need it. Typically, my Me-times are in the late evenings after the kids are in bed. This is when I catch up on my writing or work, finish up on housework and prepare for the next day. Then, I curl up in my bed and watch my favourite television programs until sleep beckons (which usually does in an hour or so).

I used to feel guilty when I had Me-Times, especially when the kids were much younger. But I have since learnt that Me-Times are necessary periods of sanctuary for me to retain my sanity and recharge to handle the pressures of modern motherhood.

I also retreat into extra Me-Times when I need to seek refuge from my children (when they are particularly demanding or difficult in their younger days) and from myself (when it is THAT time of the month and I need SPACE to be quiet and alone).

Sometimes, I take an entire Me-Day, especially after a spell of continuous hectic days of juggling insane schedules. I am sure you busy moms know what I am talking about – back to back meetings at work, meeting work deadlines, fulfilling parent volunteer duties at your children’s schools, running errands and chauffeuring yourself, your children and husband to various destinations.

These are my three R&R premises during my Me-Times — Rest, Restore and Recover.

1. Rest

In other words, SLEEP. I love the days when I can carve out a good 8 to 10 hours for good old-fashion, glorious uninterrupted sleep!  Usually I feel so rested and rejuvenated that I am completely unfazed by any tantrums, sibling conflicts or academic disasters (missing homework, disappointing grades etc).

Sometimes, resting also means that I do NOTHING at all. I have no appointments to rush to, no kids scheduled to be picked up or dropped off, no errands to run and no deadlines to meet. Just a couple of hours for me to chill in the peace and quiet of my own home while everyone is out! What a luxury!

2. Restore

Jeannie Mai, the American makeup artist, fashion expert and TV personality best known as the host of the Style Network series How Do I Look? always say: When you look good, you will feel good. I agree.  I book myself Me-Times for my manicure-pedicure, hair appointments, facial or massages at least once a month. These sessions always succeed in uplifting my spirits and boosting my confidence.


Once my spirit is restored, my perspective in life also improved. Situations that seemed frustrating becomes manageable; problems that were complicated becomes easy to solve and difficult relationship issues are well, not so difficult.

3. Recover

These days, Me-Time no longer means alone time. When my “battery” feels low, I find meeting up with friends for coffee or a meal to be incredibly rejuvenating! Even if the meet-up is accidental, I enjoy it. Regular friends aside, I meet up with my school moms (mothers of kids who go to the same school as yours), and as a mom blogger, I get to socialize with these mommies too.

[Clockwise from the top corner — Jennifer from Dinomama, Elizabeth from Mother Kao, Katherine from BubbaMama, Summer from A Happy Mom and Jenn Lee from Mylilbookworm]

SMB moms

Recently, I started running with some moms from the same Mom Bloggers group — 5km at the Great Eastern Women’s Run and 10km at the NTUC Income Run 350. We share a common goal (to stay fit) and we inspire and motivate each other not just as moms but as women too. How awesome is that?!

[From left to right — Angelia from GrowingHearts123, Christy from Kidsrsimple, and Hui Ing from Ingspiration]

running mates

With life so busy and hectic, sometimes a meet-up is not possible. A phone-chat with my best pals has the same effect to revitalize my battery. At the end of the day, Me-Time with a good buddy is so much better than Me-Time alone.

Coffee Buddies

So, if you are in need of some company during your Me-Time, call me.

Next up is Angie from GrowingHearts123. Angie is an educator at heart and by profession. She blogs mainly on how she engages her 3 kids with hands on activities especially the Visual Arts. Find out how she keeps a happy heart for herself tomorrow.

1-Me 3

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Till our next post, love yourself, love one another.

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