Photography is a very big part of my job as a blogger. I am constantly taking pictures to post on my blog and on social media. Even as I am snapping away, I am thinking of the shot and how it is going to help me tell the story. My subjects are often my kids, food, celebrities and anything or anybody who can testify to the glamourous life I lead (*scoff!* No, not really).

The truth is my photography prowess is pretty basic. I am however very talented at recognising good photography and people with a good eye. So a lot of times, I cheat. When I am at events, I scope out the photographers with the big-ass professional cameras. Doesn’t matter if they are using Canon, Nikon or Sony, I shadow them at the event and watch how they position their shots. When they leave, I step into their position and “try” to emulate the same shots from the same angle, same spot, same frame. (Yes, I know it’s a bit creepy. I am sorry. But I am just trying to learn from you.)

I also scope out great photography on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. And then I try to emulate the shots. Obviously, I have not won any photography awards (yet). So when Claudia Lim from The Loving Mum invited me to her workshop on “Creating Better Content Online” where we will use Canon cameras to learn how to take better pictures, I jumped in with both feet.

Helpful Tips To Create Better Content

Claudia was exceptionally generous in sharing her photography knowledge with us and how she used her newfound skills in video-editing and photography to create better content and garner a higher following on her social media sites. She has generously allowed me to share her insights on this post. Thanks babe!! Muack! 

So if you want to increase your following on your social media sites, this is one post you must read. Without further ado, here are the tips from Claudia:

On Creating a Video:

  • Have a storyboard in mind
  • Wide, Medium, Close-up
  • Wait for it
  • Frame your shot

“Much of the work relies in the editing. Be prepared with lots of storage space for your videos.” ~Claudia

On Storing, Taking and Editing Photos

  • Take a wider shot of your photo.
  • Crop and edit your photo after.
  • Always process your photo before publishing
  • Take your photos in either P-mode or Av mode
  • Frame your photo whenever you can.
  • Focus and shoot
  • Transfer your photos to your phone for on-the-go editing and posting
  • Try flatlays – more on that later.

“Avoid Zooming in.” ~ Claudia

Since attending her workshop, I have tried to adhere to her advice when posting photos on instagram:

  • I begin to think about my style and focus of my instagram — this is still a work in progress ,so stay tune. 
  • I am curating my instagram photos now where I used to post randomly before.
  • I try to ensure that the photos I post up are of good quality and I am also more selective of WHAT I post.
  • I also try to “Follow” like-minded people and “talk” to them more.
  • Nowadays I also tag my location and add appropriate hastags
  • Last, but not least, I followed Claudia’s advice to embed instagram posts in blog postsSee how I did that with my Canon photo above and the ones below? 

On Flatlays

Flat what? A flatlay is an aerial view of a collection of items carefully and purposefully placed to tell a story. The photography is usually taken with the camera over this careful placement. Top bloggers, influencers and brands use clever flatlays to tell us stylish stories. When I took the photo below, I had congratulated myself on a successful flatlay first attempt. Ok, now I know better!!

Check out these Flatlay images on instagram by professional flatlayers!?


Want to know how to produce a good flatlay? Follow these tips from Claudia:

  1. Use BASIC background
  2. Take your photo in NATURAL light
  3. FILL in gaps
  4. Leave enough SPACE between items
  5. Keep the frame (Square or not) full
  6. Think about HERO piece
  7. Play with different-sized props
  8. Vary the levels and angles for some depth
  9. Pick items that LOOK good from top
  10. ENHANCE saturation, lighting and/or warmth
  11. Think of COLOUR palette
  12. BUILD your prop box

At the end of the workshop, we were invited to try our hand at taking flatlays with Canon cameras, mooncakes and various props that the people at Canon had kindly set up at their studio. Here is my first attempt…

The elements were a little confusing. Here is my next attempt with paint brushes. I think they are slightly better, don’t you?

Creating a good flatlay is not as easy as it seems. One needs to have a creative flair and a good visual eye (basically some talent) to put together a good flatlay. The good news is with practice and helpful tips, anyone can successfully create a good flatlay.

Before I sign off, I want to share these useful Apps Claudia recommends for video and photo editing:

Video Editing Apps
Photo Editing Apps
  • VSCO (use it for its filters)
  • Canva (to create creative post for use on social media)
  • Phonto (for square-cropping and adding of text / elements)
  • Over (for creative text and quotes)

Try these tips. Have fun and let me know how it work out for you. If you like this post, do connect with Us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or share your thoughts/experiences in the comments below. We will love to hear from you.

Till our next post, love yourself, love one another.


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