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Featured In Flying Cape – High Flier Interviews

I am honoured to be featured in Flying Cape's High Flier Interviews, which highlights individuals who have "achieved a high degree of conventional success in life." This interview gives insights into the unique slice of life and showcase the multiple pathways to...

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Featured in The Sunday Times – Dealing With Exam Stress

Taking the Primary School Leaving Exam for (PSLE) for the first time was quite an experience for us. It was stressful not just for our firstborn, but for the rest of the family members too. We have to manage our emotions - student and parent. We have to manage the...

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Featured in The Sunday Times Connect – Hugs or Yikes?

My family is featured in a double page spread in the Sunday Times Connect today! The feature is on physical affection between family members and how generations past and future differ in their expressions of physical affection. I am particularly excited about this...

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Featured In The Sunday Times Connect – Share With Care

We are so excited to be featured in The Sunday Times (Singapore)!    What made this so exciting is that this is the FIRST time my son and I shared  the same media space and were interviewed together. He was in reporter Eve Yap's own words "quite mature for his...

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Featured on TV

Featured In Talking Point – Teen Suicide

When you have 11 year olds ending their lives over pressure of school and grades, something is wrong. I was happy to have the opportunity to be on this segment of Talking Point to share my views on teen suicide. If you find this post helpful, please share your...

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Featured in Talking Point – LKY First Year Commemoration

When Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew passed away a year ago, I brought the kids to queue for six hours to pay our respects to him at the state funeral. It was a devastating and yet special moment. I was grateful to be able to share with my husband who is now nationalised...

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Featured On — Tiger Moms in Singapore?

Amy Chua's book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, caused such a furore that when it hits the Asian shores, all Asian moms were up in arms. Are we Tiger moms? Or are we not? This marks my debut appearance on national television.       If you find this...

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Featured In – Celebrity Advice By Andrea De Cruz

Once in a while, LIFE throws you such great opportunities that you just grabbed them by the horns and do the best that you can.  Last week, I was invited to go on National Television to present my views as a parent who prefers to send her children to elite or "branded...

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Panel Discussion

Moderating at Pregnancy Nutrition with Experts

Moderating at Pregnancy Nutrition with Experts Experts: Wong Bo Boi, Senior Parenting Educator at Thomson Medical Centre Dr. Crystal Chin, Consultant Obstetrician / Gynaecologist at Thomson Medical Centre New Mother. The forum answers the following questions: What are...

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Featured In The Asian Digital Mum Panel

This morning, Tickled Media released the findings of their survey on The Asian Digital Mum Report. As part of their revelation, they invited a panel of four "Digital Mums" to discuss the trend of Asian mothers and their usage on social media. I was very honored to be...

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Featured In Social Media Week

How much exposure is TOO MUCH? This was the discussion focus in Growing Up On Facebook, one of a series of provoking topics discussed during the Social Media Week (SMW). Terrance Tang, Me, Kelvin Ang, Paul Gage and Felicia Chin I was invited to participate as a panel...

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