Trending in our kids’ lives these days are fidget spinners. So, today we are sharing the kids’ reviews on Fidget Spinners, thanks to Fidjit Singapore. Play and watch the video.

Fidget spinners are thought to be helpful to kids with ADHD, autism and anxiety issues. Kids who are kinesthetic by nature – meaning they have a need or tendency to move a lot (i.e. fidget in teachers’ terms), the notion of having something to spin will help them curb that fidgety-ness.

You don’t have to have a behaviour issue or be fidgety to like fidget spinners. Most kids just like it for one reason. Because they are cool and fun to play with. Ok, that’s two reasons. Watch this video to see what kids think of fidget spinners and hear why they like it so much :

The fidget spinners we review on this post are are available online at Fidjit Singapore at the following prices.

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Finally, fidget spinners are not just for kids. They are for adults too. We will so love to get our hands on THIS Berserker Fidget Spinner ($69.90). Check out all the gears!!

Berserker Fidget Spinner

Disclaimer: All prices quoted are in Singapore dollars. The fidget spinners were kindly sponsored by Fidjit Singapore. However all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post belong to US.

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