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Yesterday, our family went to help Betty Crocker bake 30, 000 cupcakes in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Cupcake Mosaic” as part of our nation’s SG50 birthday celebrations!

This is our second Guinness Record setting — the first being the Longest Mother’s Day Balloon Sculpture In Singapore.

Here is a quick pictorial account of our experience and some fun facts about baking in general. 

Hygiene is an essential criteria when dealing with food. A full-set of Gowning are required prior to setting foot in the baking arena: Hair net, Face Mask, Hand Gloves, Apron and Shoe Cover (for the mosaic Assembly Team). Below, the kids washing up before putting on their hand gloves.

Getting Ready

Baking Stations

There were several baking stations with volunteers at each station. There were also several chefs on hand to supervise the bakers. We could join any station.

For each box of Betty Crocker Cake Mix, here are the ingredients that you will need to bake:

  • 1.25cup of water
  • 0.5 cup of vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs

We mixed 3 packets of Betty Crocker Cake Mix each session. The volunteers were all very nice and kind to the kids. They allowed them to help and were very patient in their instructions.

Betty Crocker

FUN FACT: Did you know that Betty Crocker has a street named after her in the city of Minneapolis? The street name is called Betty Crocker Drive.

Betty Crocker (59)

The kids worked diligently with volunteers of all races and ages. With the help of the volunteer bakers, they soon got the hang of scooping the mixture into the cupcake “containers” without too much of a mess.

Betty Crocker (99)

FUN FACT: Did you know that the world’s oldest oven was discovered in Croatia, dating back 6500 years ago?

Betty Crocker (112)

FUN FACT: Did you know the world’s largest cupcake weighs more than 1000kg? The cupcake was more than 142 cm in diameter and more than 91cm tall!!

Fondant Station

Kyana learning how to make circular fondants with the help of a cheery volunteer.

Betty Crocker (156)

Putting icing  on the cupcakes is her favourite part of the event! She even got a “private lesson” from a head chef who taught her how to hold and squeeze the icing properly.

Betty Crocker (229)

FUN FACT: Royal Icing is used as a food glue to affix the fondant to the cupcake.

Betty Crocker (220)

FUN FACT: Did you know that has over 15, 000 easy to follow kitchen tested recipes?

Betty Crocker Cupcakes

The unveiling of the record was slated to be at 4pm at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Concourse, but we could not stay as we had other appointments. Below is a top-view of the design plan for the 30, 000 cupcakes! Volunteers are cleaning it in preparation to place the cupcakes.

Betty Crocker (9)

My kids, especially my budding baker daughter had a lot of fun helping out. Thank you General Mills, Betty Crocker and all the very nice volunteers we worked with for the sweet memories and lovely volunteer gift packs (see picture below) that allows us to do more baking together as a family.

Family Memory

We went home with volunteer gift packs, exclusive red Betty Crocker T-shirts and Certificates of Appreciation for being part of the Largest Cupcake Mosaic Guinness Record-Setting event.

Volunteer Gift Pack

I also want to congratulate the WINNERS of our giveaway contest. They will each receive a Betty Crocker Gift Set comprising of the following 8 different types of Betty Crocker mix set.

Betty Crocker

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