Disney is collaborating with SMRT to allow you to ride with Star Wars Storm Troopers, Captain America from Avengers and even Anna and Elsa from Frozen on our local trains.

We had a special treat yesterday when Disney invited us to witness the official signing of an 18-month collaboration between Disney and SMRT which will bring more of Disney’s endearing characters closer to the two million train commuters.

The signing ceremony was officiated in a train carriage which the kids had the pleasure to be its first passengers! When the train doors opened with storm troopers already inside to welcome us, the kids were very impressed!

Disney SMRT Collaboration

Dawn Low, Managing Director of SMRT’s commercial arm and Robert Gilby, Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte Ltd inking the collaboration between the two companies.

In the tradition of the Jedi knights, the important agreement is carefully contained in the “holocron”.

Disney SMRT Collaboration

The Managing Directors carefully holding the “holocron” with its precious content.

Any time there is a storm trooper around, we are happy to “engage in combat” with  them. This time, we settled for a photo-op. SMILE everyone!

Disney SMRT Collaboration Singapore

The kids rushed to take a photo with one of the storm troopers before investigating the train carriages!

Here are the train carriages!

And the winning carriage is of course – George Lucas’ STAR WARS!!

Disney SMRT Collaboration Singapore

The kids riding on the Star Wars carriage with their Disney goodie bags. Amanda (left), a friend of Kyana’s who was hanging out with us for the day, Krysh and Kyana (right)

“Everything we do at Disney is about connecting with families. Those important shared family moments with our characters and stories are unique opportunities that only Disney can provide today.”

~Mr. Rob Gilby

SMRT and Disney will engage and reward commuters and customers in SMRT’s transit network, and also at the Kallang Wave Mall in the Singapore Sports Hub and SMRT’s e-shop, iMOB Shop. The specially designed promotions will be centred on upcoming movies in 2015 and films from the Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar libraries.

The first phase of the retail campaign, in celebration of the year-end festivities, will feature the screening of the immensely popular movie Frozen from 20 Nov to 31 Dec 2014, followed by Cinderella in 2015.

Disney SMRT Collaboration Singapore

The girls in THEIR favourite carriage!

“We hope to enhance the overall travel and lifestyle experience for our commuters. This collaboration with Disney is an exciting new initiative to bring more smiles every day to everyone who journeys with us.”

~ Mr. Desmond Kuek, SMRT President and Group CEO

This collaboration will see the trains synchronizing with different movie themes rolled out by Disney over the next 18 months. For example, when Cinderella the movie is out in theatres in March 2015, the movie magic of Cinderella can be extended by taking a train ride where Cinderella will be waiting for your child.

Disney SMRT (54a)

My son Krysh greeting Mr. Gilby and having a chat with him.

My 10-year-old son and Mr. Gilby had a long conversation about Star Wars and the Avengers. Krysh was excited when Mr. Gilby shared with him the name of the new Star Wars 7 movie – The Way of the Force, and plans of the new Avengers movie – Age of Ultron was tentatively scheduled for March 2015 release.

We can’t wait to ride on the trains now!

The kids are featured in Channel News Asia!

Disney SMRT Collaboration

Photo Credit: Channel News Asia

NOTE: This post was written with the helpful input of my Star Wars advisor (my son) who kindly informed and explained to me what a holocron was and corrected me on what is politically correct to say about Star Wars – terminologies and all.

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