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Did we get your attention?

WHERE? This is Far East Organization Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay! Your kids will LOVE it here. Just bring along a pinic basket, swim wear, towels and a change of clothes.

It is pure joy on this one-hectare space for kids.

Children's Garden (100a)

Water Playground (Suitable for 2 to 12 years old)

For children who enjoy splashing about, this centrepiece will be a delight for any child who loves frolicking about in the water. The programmable water play will be linked to sensors which detect the movement of children to create a corresponding sequence of water effects.

Children's Garden (5a)

Children's Garden (95a)

Amphitheatre with Covered Canopy

With a capacity of up to 300 people, this sheltered amphitheatre is an ideal venue for holding educational events. But on a hot sunny day, it provides shades for parents to lounge around while their kids quench their thirst for wet fun amongst the dancing water sprays.

Children's Garden (90a)

Toddler Play Zone (Suitable for 1 to 5 years old)

Comprising play equipment, the toddler play zone consists of two areas – Toddler Play Equipment such as a sway bridge and stepping springs, and the Fish Fountain featuring an interactive landscape of water tunnels and fish sculptures where toddlers can clamber on the sculpted backs and dodge a series of water jets.

Children's Garden (6a)

Children's Garden (2a)

Children's Garden.playground

The twin water tunnels are just as fun to slide down as it is to climb up.

Children's Garden (40a)

Rainforest Tree Houses (Suitable for 6 to 12 years old)

This is where jungle adventure fantasies come to life! Located within a dense canopy of trees, the two tree houses reach heights of 4 metres and 7.5 metres respectively, spanning a 130 metre-long forest trail. Be enthralled with other play equipment like a spider net, hill climbing ropes and spinner bowls.

Children's Garden (56a)

 Man in the net and girl on a swing!

Children's Garden (51a)

Oh look! It’s my Hansel and Greta in their little cages!

Children's Garden (73a)

My little boy is now a big boy — but we still catch a glimpse of the little boy now and then.

Children's Garden (89a)

What a lovely head-rest – says the father.

Children's Garden (86a)

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