We have been looking forward to this play as soon as we found out that The Little Company (TLC) will feature it. The kids have read the book (compulsory reading for primary 3 or 4 kids in the local schools) and watched the movie. Watching the play will be the final imprint that saves this story in my kids mind forever.

Not that I mind as this is a beautiful story of friendship, resilience and tenacity. I will be interested to see how the theatre company presents the story to the kids.

Charlotte’s Web is a story of the adventures of Wilbur the pig who was rescued by the farmer’s daughter Fern from being sent to the slaughter house. Fern named the pig Wilbur and kept him as a pet for a while. When Wilbur grew too big for their house, he was sent across the road to live on Uncle Zuckerman’s farm. It was there that he met Charlotte the spider and all the other farm animals.

Unbeknownst to Wilbur, Uncle Zuckerman had plans to make him the main course for Christmas. All the animals knew of his fate but hesitated to share it with Wilbur. When Wilbur finally found out, he was devastated. But having befriended the lonely Charlotte, their friendship inspired Charlotte’s determination to save Wilbur from his dreaded fate.

One night, the clever spider began weaving words on her web about the amazing Wilbur. Not to give away too much of the story, the words were so extraordinary that news began spread and people will travel to the Zuckerman farm to see the famous “Terrific” and “Extraordinary” pig.

The climax of the story came when the Zuckermans entered Wilbur in a contest at the local funfair. His fate depends on whether he wins the contest of not. We shall not ruin the story for you. Do go read the book, watch the movie or catch the play:

Charlotte’s Web is presented by SRT’s The Little Company

Date: From 28 Oct 2016
Showtime: Monday to Friday 10am; Saturdays 11am and 2pm
Venue: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT (click link to access directions)
20 Merbau Road
Ticketing:Call 6348 5555 or log on to SISTIC From $25 excluding SISTIC fee.Group discounts/ Family Packages available

Catch a short video preview of the story:

SRT also invites your child to join them this November on a magical journey at their Charlotte’s Web holiday drama programme facilitated by Joanna Pilgrim!

The programme will culminate in a showcase performance on their stage by your child for friends and family. Click on the link to SISTIC to register for the week-long holiday programme filled with drama, art and craft and music.

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