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Kids snack three to four times a week! And ice-cream is their top choices after chocolates, cookies, bread and fruits!

These are some of the results that a Nielsen Singapore survey commissioned by Paddle Pop found on the snacking habits of local kids. The survey pool comprised of 257 mothers and 237 children aged between 8 to 12 years old.

While mothers feel that ice cream is a less healthy choice as snack (31%), they acknowledged that it is a fun alternative for their kids (75%). Also, when they offer snacks to their kids, these mothers tend to look at the nutritional information on the product packaging (48%).

The survey also concluded that kids are most likely to snack at home AFTER school, DURING WEEKENDS and while they are IN SCHOOL during break-time (recess).

The mothers in the survey (1 in 3) agree that responsible snacking encompasses the following factors:

  • replacing snacks with healthier choice
  • maintaining the right balance between taste and health
  • having smaller portions
  • snacks are fun for the kids

Paddle Pop — A Healthier Choice

Paddle Pop is part of Unilever Wall’s ice cream portfolio. Susanne Artfelt, Country Director of Unilever Singapore shares the company’s philosophy:

“We believe that within a healthy and balanced diet there is a place for occasional treats and snacks. Our Paddle Pop ice creams range is responsibly formulated sot that children can enjoy fun treats occasionally.”

Paddle Pop Ice Cream

And in line with Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, the 30-year-old ice-cream brand was given a reformulation be healthy while combining fun tastes, textures and shapes. Old favourites like Paddle Pop Rainbow, Paddle Pop Tornado Grape and the newly launched Dragon Pop all carry the Healthier Choice Symbol.

To further champion and educate parents and their kids on nutritionally responsible snacking, Paddle Pop created a Fun Food Meter — a fun and visually representative snacking chart to illustrate the different kinds of fun and active activities that kids can engage in to burn the calories consumed from snacking.


The Paddle Pop Play Area

130sqm Paddle Pop Snakes & Ladders Board

“Paddle Pop believes in letting kids be kids. Childhood is a time for kids to embark on their own adventures, exploring the world with great imagination and boundless energy and we believe that this includes allowing them to enjoy their favourite ice creams while keeping to a balanced diet and active lifestyle,” shared Daryll John Kaan, Brand Executive, Unilever Singapore.

In conjunction with the release of survey results and to educate and engage the public on nutritionally responsible snacking, Paddle Pop has created a family-fun play area at VivoCity, Plaza 1, featuring a 130 square mere, life-sized 3D snakes and ladder board, designed by local artist and illustrator, Ben Qwek.

The Paddle Pop play area is open for public display from 24 July – 2 August 2015.

Paddle Pop 3D

Grab your play card and redeem a free Paddle Pop ice-cream!

Paddle Pop (7)

Paddle Pop Snakes & Ladder

Families can also participate in other fun activities such as our Fun Food Meter photo booth and screening of our Magilika cartoons while enjoying Paddle Pop ice creams.

Paddle Pop (30)

The play area theme is based on Paddle Pop’s latest cartoon series, Magilika, a magical fantasy land where Paddle Pop Lion and friends fight to defeat the evil Shadow Master. Magilika cartoon series is currently screening on Cartoon Network Asia, every weekend at 9am.Paddle Pop (25)

Paddle Pop

It was a very hot day when we visited The Paddle Pop Play Area — you can see the scorching sun in our pictures.

If you missed the play area, you can still check out Paddle Pop Lion and his friends in these other channels:

1) See you at The Paddle Pop Play Area, Vivo City – fountain area outside Tangs (until 2 August)

2) Or, check out Paddle Pop on Paddlepop SG Youtube

3) Watch the adventures of Paddle Pop on www.paddlepopadventure.com.sg

4) And look out for Paddle Pop Ice Cream Factory at Kidzania Singapore slated to open at the end of 2015 on Sentosa Resorts World!

Kids can become part of the process and learn how to make their iconic Rainbow ice-cream! There will also be hands-on and fun approaches to learn about nutritionally responsible snacking.



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