Empowering Kids

Empowering Kids

As a parent, my kids are my most precious commodities. Like every parent, I want them to be happy and successful. I want them to have a love for learning, to be dreamers and to enjoy their childhood. But I also quickly learn that my “wanting” them to be successful and them actually be successful are two very different elements.

To help them achieve their desires through their own efforts and ingenuity, I have to empower them with skills to undertake the challenges of their generation and groom them to be confident self-learners of the future. Below, we share with you the 21st century skills that your child needs and the study techniques that will help your child achieve his/her milestones.

21st Century Skills

DIY VIDEO: How to make Fluffy Slime at home!

Hello there, so if you have primary school-age kids, you will know that there is an on-going trend on DIY slime. My 10-year-old got into the slime action and was actively experimenting and making different types of slime - Fluffy Slime, Glitter Slime, Clear Slime,...

PSLE Mindset For Academic Success

When I went through PSLE with my Son last year, one of our biggest struggles was mindset. I wanted my son to have a good attitude about learning. I wanted him to study diligently and do his work properly. I wanted him to choose studies over digital gaming. In other...

Worst Advice To Give Your Child: Do Your Best

One morning when my son was in primary (grade) three, I sent him off to school with a hug and a “do your best” advice as he ran to catch the school bus. He had a Math test that day. We had done some practices at home and I reassured myself that he will be fine. A week...

Students Guide To Managing Time

Time management is a life skill that can be learnt. This aim of this post is to offer simple steps that you can coach your kids to form good habits in managing their time. Children linger during meal times, dawdle when it comes to working on their school work, drag...

Student’s Guide to Managing Stress

Kids experience stress just as adults do. The only difference is that kids may not recognise the emotions or symptoms of stress or know how to manage them. That's when we see meltdowns. What stresses kids out? Kids experience stress when they cannot finish their...

Take Action To Avoid Procrastination

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, procrastination is "to intentionally put off doing something that should be done." You can spot a procrastinator a mile away because the individual will: Put off tasks until the last minute avoid difficult tasks and...

Stress Symptoms in Students

This post sheds some light on how to identify the symptoms manifested by kids and what can be done to help them de-stress. Stress is our natural way of responding to the demands of our ever-changing world. Although we all experience changes and demands regularly, the...

Achieve Higher Work Efficiency and Performance

Higher work efficiency and good job performance is your guarantee to job security in these times of professional uncertainty. What this means is that not only do you have to be more productive at work, but you have to produce effective outcomes as well. With...

5 Basic Study Skills for Primary 1 to 3 Students

Want to help your kids to score well in primary school? Here are 5 basic skills parents can foster to ensure that they have a smoother academic path in their future school years. 1) Reading Skills Reading is an essential skill for every subject that your child will...

How Learning (Styles) Can Maximize Your Child’s Grades

A learning style is defined as “the style or learning methods used in the process of learning.” Understanding learning styles is more than just helping your kids get good grades. It is about empowering your child with tools to manage her academic studies and boosting...

Study Skills for Lower Primary, Upper Primary, PSLE & Secondary Students


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