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Moderating at Pregnancy Nutrition with Experts

Moderating at Pregnancy Nutrition with Experts Experts: Wong Bo Boi, Senior Parenting Educator at Thomson Medical Centre Dr. Crystal Chin, Consultant Obstetrician / Gynaecologist at Thomson Medical Centre New Mother. The forum answers the following questions: What are the essential nutrients required during pregnancy? Constipation is a common problem...

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I Want To Pay Taxes

The IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) announced yesterday that they want to tax bloggers on all the non-monetary benefits, including sponsorship of products or services received in return for writing or reviewing the sponsors’ products. (Source: Channel News Asia) After the initial WHAT?! I am willing and happy...

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Bloggers Fellowship

Media Invite It is always fun to be invited to an event where you get to hang out with fellow bloggers and meet new ones. A couple of Saturdays ago, the team from hosted a casual tea session at The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe where a few of us bloggers came...

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Featured in The Sunday Times – Is Parenting Over-Analysed?

Attachment Parenting. Positive Parenting. Helicopter Parenting. Mindful Parenting. Conscious Parenting. Champion Mindset Parenting. What form of parenting do you practice? And with so many choices in parenting, are we modern parents over-doing it? Parenting is a complex arena to navigate. Love your kids too much and you are accused...

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