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The issues that we share and discuss as parents and professionals are universal. With our kids, we struggle with identical parenting thoughts, express the same gratitude or worry about the well-being of our kids’ future and debate over similar choices of work issues. This blog strives to give you updated tips and ideas have a more balanced life and better relationships with your kids and family.

Empower Kids

We give you the tools to groom your kids to be confident self-learners and raise them with the skills to undertake the challenges of their future.

Engage Parents

We share with you the diverse philosophies of parenting so that you can pick and choose the best practices that is most suitable for your family.

Integrate Life

We introduce a myriad of work strategies and different forms of work arrangements that allow  you to have a balanced home and work-life.

Singtel and Nickelodeon – A Day of Family Fun

Is your commute to work on public transport long? Do you sometimes wish you have kids' movies on your phone so your child can be entertained while you finish your errands? Well, now you can enjoy your favourite entertainment on-the-go with the launch of Cast,...

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Safari Zoo Run 2016: Running For Good

We had missed  the Safari Zoo Run the past few years due to missed registration deadlines or family commitments. So we are super excited to be able to participate in the Safari Zoo Run this year!!   One of the most popular running events among families in...

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Holiday Season at Changi Airport: The Arrival of Pikachu

They are yellow. They are incredibly adorable. And they are easy to catch. At least at Singapore's Changi Airport this year-end holiday season. What I am talking about? The Pokémons have landed in Singapore to the resounding delight of hundreds and thousands of local...

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Dyson v8 Fluffy — A Sexy Machine That Sucks Impressively

Have you seen the new Dyson v8 Fluffy? It is sexy as hell... Yes I know I am gushing over a machine. But this little baby is a keeper in my books.  The new Dyson v8 Fluffy makes cleaning more of a playtime than a chore. Those messy cereal spills no longer stresses me...

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Chicken Fillet Your Kids Will LOVE

A couple of weeks back, my kids invited some friends home for lunch. We served them this chicken fillet dish along with fried rice and steamed vegetables. It was such a hit with the kids their parents called to ask for the recipe. So I thought I will share it here. It...

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I Want To Pay Taxes

The IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) announced yesterday that they want to tax bloggers on all the non-monetary benefits, including sponsorship of products or services received in return for writing or reviewing the sponsors’ products. (Source: Channel...

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Inside Google — Best Workplaces In Singapore

Ok, so everyone knows that Google offices are the best places to work in!!  A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend a Media Literacy Council's networking evening where they discussed the collective effort to raise awareness of media literacy and promote good...

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